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Fri 9 Nov 2012 < Back to listing

CATS College Canterbury held an evening dedicated to The Americas

CATS College Canterbury became a microcosm of the Americas on Thursday 8th November as students from Brazil, America and Canada came together to celebrate their different national cultures.

Nellie Apostolova’s Music Club performed traditional and modern music, ranging from a relaxing 1940s piano rhythm to rap with a political and humanitarian message.

Presentations on Brazilian food and traditions from Carolina Macedo Montano and the American festival of Thanksgiving from Elizabeth Godynyuk and Savannah Leonard were also provided.

Staff and student’s had the chance to try a variety of food from the Americas including spicy Mexican fajitas and Canadian pancakes with maple syrup. Catherina Puccetti and Beatriz Nascimento’s homemade treats – Chocolate Brigadieros – were the finishing touch for those with a sweet tooth. Yum!

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