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London FoundationCampus student receives university offers from LSE and University of Warwick

Thu 12 Feb 2015 < Back to listing

Victor Mascha joined the University of London International Foundation Programme in September 2014, with the ambition to secure a place at one of the top universities in the UK. We are delighted that Victor has already received university offers to study

We met Victor to find out more about his journey and experience so far...


...“I decided I wanted to go to LSE a year ago. I thought it would be too hard to get into, but then I found this programme and it gave me the opportunity to fulfil my ambition.


I applied for several different foundation programmes, but London FoundationCampus had the highest entry requirements and I wanted to study the best foundation programme possible.


The course is the main foundation programme to give opportunity for entry to LSE; and I needed the extra year to improve my English. The maths and economic classes also attracted me to the course, as I wanted to make sure I would be able to gain every chance to get into LSE or another top university.


The course has helped me to prepare more fully to study at University with students from all over the world and has made me feel more knowledgeable and comfortable. Applying to university was one of the most important parts of my journey - registering with UCAS and preparing my personal statement. Staff at London FoundationCampus offered lots of great tips and shared experiences with us all.


They gave useful feedback to help me produce a really good quality personal statement. After high school it is really hard moving to a new country to study. This extra year has given me confidence and helped me to develop my skills before going to University.”


Victor aspires to graduate from University, study an MBA in the USA, and return back to Europe to start his own company. We look forward to following Victor through the exciting journey he has ahead of him.


Find out more about the University of London International Foundation Programme here.

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