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Medics Students visit leading UK Research Unit

Tue 19 Mar 2013 < Back to listing

CATS College students on the Medics Programme have been broadening their understanding of medical issues through trips to the UK's leading Research Unit.

CATS College Medics are provided with a programme that will help them achieve exceptional grades and broaden their understanding of medical issues, both are crucial for entrance into a top UK medical school.

This March, trips to both the Gurdon Institute for a lecture on cell division and Arthur Rank House, a hospice for terminally ill adults, have enriched our medics education.

At Arthur Rank House students gained an insight into the emotional and clinical care of terminally-ill residents. This trip was of particular interest to students wishing to pursue a career in palliative care as students were given a lecture and workshop on this complex area of medicine.

“I feel that the trip to the Arthur Rank Hospice has been very informative about palliative care as not many countries have adopted this kind of care well. It was overall a very good experience and I think it really helped us, as medics to know more than what is just in our textbooks or what we read and see in the news as we actually got first-hand information and saw with our own eyes what is being done to help these terminally ill patients.”  Elizabeth Hui Lien Lau, Malaysia.

At the Gurdon Institute students were given a detailed explanation of some of the techniques used for observing mitosis under an electron microscope. Students felt privileged to visit the working lab of the research group leader and to have the opportunity to ask him questions.

"It was a very helpful and knowledgeable day. I learnt a lot about research institutes- research intentions, and its driving force. The questioning session was particularly helpful. I now appreciate the fact research is never ending and that today’s best theories might not be the same tomorrow."  Saurabh Deore, Indian.

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