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Cambridge Education Group to Acquire Intrax English Programs

Wed 8 Jul 2015 < Back to listing

Cambridge Education Group (CEG), headquartered in the U.K., has reached agreement with Intrax Inc, to acquire Intrax English Programs in San Francisco, Chicago and San Diego.

Cambridge Education Group (CEG), headquartered in the U.K., has reached agreement with Intrax Inc, to acquire Intrax English Programs in San Francisco, Chicago and San Diego. We expect this transaction to be complete by the end of 2015. In the interim, all business and operations remain as usual and the focus is on providing excellent student experiences and partner service.

The Cambridge Education Group is a specialist provider of foundation programmes and English language training for international students wishing to prepare for university. Having established itself as a leading provider in the UK, the acquisition will represent an active part of the group’s strategy to develop the US market.

CEG’s three English schools in the U.K. operate under the name Stafford House Schools of English (, and have been teaching English since 1952. Its schools in the UK are accredited, both by the British Council Accreditation Scheme and the Independent Schools Inspectorate. Stafford House previously acquired a school in Boston in October 2013.

John Wilhem, Chairman of Intrax Inc says “We feel that CEG is a strong strategic partner capable of building a network of language schools throughout the U.S., and they are in an excellent position to expand their network of schools thus creating opportunities for Intrax English Academy staff. Furthermore, this sale will allow Intrax to continue to expand its J-1 programs, and its U.S.-focused intern and job placement programs.”

Stephan Roussounis, Managing Director of Stafford House School of English, says “We are very excited to bring these three fantastic schools under the umbrella of Stafford House and Cambridge Education Group. For 2016 we will be offering 4 top US destinations across the US, and a strong head office team based in San Francisco.”

For now, Intrax and Stafford House partners will see no difference in the way they work with the schools. Towards the end of the year further announcements will be made regarding any changes for 2016.

If you have any questions regarding this matter please contact: Stephan Roussounis or Rachel Wells, or your regular partner agent support team members at Intrax and Stafford House.

Further information
Cambridge Education Group - Established in 1952, the company is a leading player in the international schools market, providing pre-university education to more than 4000 students recruited from over 95 countries via its global marketing network. Cambridge Education Group operates four divisions in three countries: CATS, a high school network with campuses in Cambridge, Canterbury, London, and Boston in the US; 'Foundation Campus' programmes through partnerships with 20 universities in the UK, US and Netherlands; the College of Visual & Performing Arts in Cambridge; and, English as Foreign Language ('EFL') schools, operating under the 'Stafford House' brand.
Intrax - Intrax is a globally-oriented company that provides a lifetime of high quality educational and work programs that connect people and cultures. Intrax programs include: high school exchange, international au pairs, English classes, leadership programs, and work and internship placements.


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