Working with us

Do you want to join a respected, global education organisation that provides a friendly and supportive work environment to its diverse range of colleagues? Take a look at our vision, mission and values so you can see what’s important to us. Having said that, what better way to hear about what it is like working with us than from some of our staff in their own words?

My own vision and values are closely aligned to those of CEG and given our projected growth and continued career progression over the latter part of 2022 and 2023 I can see myself here for years to come. The level of trust shown in employees who succeed is extremely high in CEG. We are given autonomy to plan our days around our personal situations, and the suggestions that we bring to executives are always taken on board. These factors make CEG a very special place to work.

Joseph Doherty, Senior Education Advisor (iHeed)

When I first started with CEG, I was a Programme Coordinator, but the team encouraged me to progress and made every effort to make that happen. Within my first year I progressed up to managing a small team of part time staff and then following this became a Programme Manager. The team saw my potential and made sure I progressed and continue to progress to the best of my ability.

I really enjoy working for iheed and CEG. The people, the atmosphere and the working environment are so warm and welcoming. Everyone’s opinions are listened to and valued as part of the team.

Aisling O’Loughlin, Programme Manager (iHeed)

I have worked at ONCAMPUS, part of CEG, for nearly 10 years. I started as an hourly paid tutor, before going full time, then taking on Coordinator and Course Leader roles in the UK. In 2020 I relocated to Amsterdam to take on a Course Leader role, and most recently alongside my ONCAMPUS Amsterdam role I have been appointed to be a member of the ONCAMPUS Academic Board. Apart from the opportunities I have had to develop, the main reason I have stayed is the professional and amazing teams I have had the pleasure to be a part of and the diverse, multicultural students that I have worked with.

Amo Kahlwan, Course Leader for English (ONCAMPUS Amsterdam)

I am Nathan and I work in the IT department as an Infrastructure Engineer. I joined CEG back in May 2016, as an Apprentice IT Engineer. This is when I completed the Level 3 Diploma for ICT Systems and Principles which allowed me to progress my career to become a Junior IT Engineer and shortly after an IT Technician. Completing the ICT systems and Principles diploma let me experience all sides of IT and helped me to decide what career path in IT I would like to pursue. In August 2020, I was given the opportunity to join the Infrastructure team and am currently on a Level 4 Network Engineer Apprenticeship. This has allowed me to take on networking responsibilities within CEG and has helped me understand a more technical side of IT. Doing the apprenticeships has been very beneficial by allowing me to learn on the job and provide a hand-on experience in my role. The apprenticeships have been key for both my career in IT as well as progressing within CEG.

Nathan Hardwick, Infrastructure Engineer

I really enjoy working at iheed and, after several years with the company, have the same enthusiasm now that I did on my first day. Through my role, I interact with colleagues across the wider team, so I get to witness the shared commitment, energy and drive that comes from knowing that what we do makes a real, positive difference to healthcare professionals and, most importantly, to the quality of care delivered to their patients. I have huge admiration for the people I work with, the ‘can do’, collegiate team approach, the support that we all give and get, and the quality of what we deliver. I work with good people and we’re doing a good thing, and as iheed continues to grow, we have greater opportunity to ‘make a difference’

Mark Jones, Senior Project Manager (iHeed)

I have been working with CEG Digital since 2019. I am excited to work here because the company inspires me to fulfil my potential. I have the freedom to use my entrepreneurial skills to perform my tasks and achieve results. The challenging functions enable me to be creative and apply my result-oriented mindset. Helping students and colleagues with their needs is a means to live my passion. This is made possible by the inclusive and international work environment. Collaborative work environment and team spirit is a culture that transcends every fabric of the organisation.

My rapid promotion is a testament to the growth opportunities for forward-thinkers and those that want to develop and advance their careers. As a result, I see my contribution to the company as a return on my investment. While CEG Digital helps to educate leaders that make a positive impact in their communities globally, and it’s also investing in diverse human potentials.

Anselm Ikhimokpa, Student Recruitment Manager (CEG Digital)

I have worked at CEG for almost nine years. I have always enjoyed the student facing element and being part of a very supportive team (in centre and centrally). I have had the opportunity to grow personally; I started as a Student Recruitment and Support Officer and am now Head of Student Services. I am a “stayer” and believe in showing loyalty to my employer. My role still challenges me and I love the different things that each academic year brings. Our students come from all over the world; we enjoy getting to know them and learning about their cultures. We also hold events such as International Food Day, which allows both staff and students to embrace ONCAMPUS life outside of the classroom.

Rachel Ladd, Head of Student Services (ONCAMPUS, UK North)